UTI - Get Immediate Treatment for the Contagious Disease

Published: 13th March 2009
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UTI (urinary tract infection) is caused due to attack of bacterial microbes on human body. Initially, the bacterium affects the lower urinary parts but eventually it can also affect the upper urinary part like kidney etc. This infection can become highly dangerous, if you don't take proper medication in time. The disease is quite common among women than in men.

The infectious disease can be cured by taking proper medication.Usually, doctors recommend an antibiotic to cure the disease but the infection can recur due to attack by another bacterium. However, you should make sure that you consume 100% natural D-mannose to cure the disease. Nowadays, you can find several adulterated brand of D-mannose that can turn hazardous in long run.

You can detect the presence of UTI with help of following symptoms.

1. Painful or burning sensation while urinating
2. Sudden and frequent need to urinate
3. Inability to hold urine leading to bed wetting etc
4. Muscle spasm or pain in the lower abdomen
5. Shivering and mild fever after regular intervals
6. Foul smell while secreting the urine
7. And, painful sexual intercourse

Hence, you must consult a doctor as soon as you notice the above symptoms. Your medical practitioner will monitor the changes in your abdomen and kidneys to detect the presence of the contagious disease. You'll be asked to go through few urinary tests that can give a clear view about the extent of infection.

Although, several antibiotics can cure UTI but doctors recommend D-mannose, a GlycoNutrient sugar solution that flushes the bacteria from the urinary system. However, you must tell your doctor about the nutrient supplements you are eating to combat the disease.

So, detect the infection in time and get proper medication in order to curb the UTI infection and get relief from the painful disease.

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