Interstitial Cystitis - An incurable disease

Published: 01st June 2009
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Nowadays, several people suffer from interstitial cystitis. This inflammation of urinary bladder is highly chronic and leads to urgent and frequent need to urinate. The infection can also lead to pain in pelvic region. Hence, it needs urgent attention; otherwise it can pose serious health hazards.

This infection is more severe than bladder infection which can be treated with antibiotic medicines. Moreover, it is easy to detect the reason behind the bladder infection but interstitial cystitis is more difficult to treat. The symptoms of the infection can be cured through minor changes in lifestyle and medication.

The doctors have conducted several tests to detect the reason behind the chronic infection but no possible reason has been found yet. The urinalysis of patient doesn't show traces of bacterial or virus infection but they still suffer from urinary disorders.

Some doctors say that it is an autoimmune disease. During such a case, the immune system of the body kills the healthy cells and tissues, which augments the inflammation of bladder. This chronic cystitis is accompanied by symptoms such as asthma, endometriosis, migraine, sinusitis, hay fever, food allergies etc.

Since, there is no treatment for this chronic disease; hence the primary aim of medical practitioner is to provide relief from the urinary tract symptoms. Hence, the treatment depends on trial and error method. The treatment can show favorable or unfavorable results on the patient body. Hence, doctors use methods like systematic medication, local medication or chronic pain medications.

You can also get relief by adopting certain dietary and lifestyle changes. The patients should avoid fatty foods, alcohol and smoking. You should also avoid meat, milk and some fruits. These minor changes in your eating and drinking habits can ward off the symptoms of interstitial cystitis.

So, act carefully and undergo proper treatment for the harmful urinary disease.

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