How to cure honeymoon Cystitis during the initial stage?

Published: 01st July 2009
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Couples plan a honeymoon to understand each other's lifestyle. They talk and enjoy some personal moments. However, sometimes the bride starts feeling sick and tired. This happens if she is suffering from honeymoon cystitis. It occurs when couples indulge into sexual intercourse which is accompanied by pain and irritation in the genital parts.

The phenomenon is mainly found among women. It is accompanied by pain in lower abdomen, frequent urge to urinate, blood in urine and pain above pubic bone. These activities hamper the lovemaking act between the couple. This happens because of localized infection inside the urethra. The urethra is a tube located near the vagina; hence bacterium enters urethra during sexual intercourse.

As soon as, the doctor finds symptoms of honeymoon cystitis, he/she recommends treatment with antibiotic medicines. An analgesic can also be consumed to get relieved from the pain associated with the disease. Thus, you'll be able to enjoy some unforgettable moments with your spouse.

Pyridium is a popular pain reliever that can cure the infectious disease. Usually, doctors recommend the medication for two days. However, you should refrain from sex until the bacterium is completely flushed out of the body. This prevents infliction of the disease to the other partner.

You can also take certain precautions to avoid honeymoon cystitis. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Drink cranberry juice regularly to fight with infections. Moreover, remember to pass the urine before and after the sexual activity. The honeymoon cystitis is initiated due to bruising of vagina. Hence, apply a water based lubricant to ease the love making session.

These simple precautions can prevent recurrence of cystitis. However, don't forget to meet a gynecologist, if the infection occurs post-honeymoon. So, take special care of your wife and get her treated from a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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